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I’m happy to announce I’ve signed with Agent Moe Ferrara at BookEnds Literary. I can’t wait to see all the things we can do together! If you’re interested in reading my welcome interview with the agency, you can find it here.

I just finished a middle grade novel about children, cats, unfortunate accidents, and the enchanting city of Istanbul. I wrote the book to help my half-Turkish daughter see the magic of her uncommon identity. Toni Morrison once remarked she wrote her first novel because it was the one she wanted to see on the shelf. This is the book I want my daughter to see on the shelf. #WeNeedDiverseBooks


In February 2018, A Midsummer’s Night Abduction was published by Every Day Fiction.

In Fall 2017, The Spice Portrait was produced as a podcast narrated by Stephanie Morris in the sci-fi literary magazine Escape Pod. The story is award-eligible for 2017. If you’re interested, you can check out all the award-eligible stories on Escape Pod here.

In Winter 2016, “We Are Stardust” was published in The Colored Lens.

I’m a member of SCBWI, SFWA and the Author’s Guild. Find me on Twitter @JM_Evenson.

Illustration: Michael Klaus Schmidt. Copyright: J. M. Evenson.


In 2013, I wrote a non-fiction book called “Shakespeare for Screenwriters,” and it got picked up by Michael Wiese Books, the industry-leading publisher of Snyder’s “Save The Cat” and Vogler’s “Writer’s Journey.” My book breaks down Shakespeare’s most powerful works and suggests ways to capture that power in your writing. I wrote it, in part, because I was curious myself. Read a free sample of my book here.

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The book is available on Amazon, or just go to Amazon and check out the reviews.

I’ve also written several articles for screenwriting outlets, such as and Script Magazine. I was also pleased to do a podcast on the psychology of characters with Pilar Alessandra. Creative Screenwriting did a Q&A interview with me about my book. More recently, I’ve picked up a recurring column with ScreenwritingU magazine. You can see my articles here.

I hold both a PhD in Renaissance Literature from the University of Michigan and an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, so this book turned out to be a wonderful way for me to combine my love of both literature and film.

Here’s a few of the reviews the book has been fortunate enough to get from Hollywood types:

“I was skeptical, but when I read [Shakespeare for Screenwriters], I found it to be short, insightful and fresh. The author breaks down some of the greatest stories by one of our greatest scribes, and along the way offers ways to apply his work to yours.” – Paul Guyot, writer on Felicity, Judging Amy, and The Librarians

“Screenwriters seeking to expand their narrative skills can do no better than to consider the Master. Kudos to Evenson for a truly original contribution to this increasingly overcrowded field.” — Richard Walter, Professor and Screenwriting Chairman, UCLA School of Film

Shakespeare for Screenwriters offers golden lessons that can make us all better writers — no matter what you’re working on.” — Susan Hurwitz Arneson, writer on South Park, Border Town, The Tick

“If you think Shakespeare has no relevance to contemporary filmmaking, you aren’t looking very closely. An excellent, concise book!” — Howard Suber, Professor, UCLA School of Film, and author of The Power of Film

“Like having the Bard himself as your writing partner.” — Michael Colleary, writer of Face/Off and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider